There are many ways to enter Brazil; whether it's for tourism, work or studying, you have to choose the right visa to avoid immigration problems when you arrive in Brazil. Following are the most common visas and how to apply for them.









In the following map you can check the countries which citizens need a visa to enter Brazil:

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World map, countries which need a visa for Brazil
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Tourist Visa in Brazil




  • Tourists

  • People visiting relatives or friends

  • Unpaid participation in athletic or artistic event or competition. An invitation letter from the sponsoring organization in Brazil is required.

  • Unpaid participation in a scientific or academic seminar or conference sponsored by a research or academic institution. An invitation letter from the sponsoring organization in Brazil is required.

Terms and Conditions


  • Tourist visa holders are prohibited from engaging in business, work, or academic activities in Brazil.

  • For citizens of some countries, the first arrival in Brazil must take place within 90 days from the date the visa was issued.

  • This visa is good for multiple entries within the visa's duration. Even when the validity of the visa exceeds 90 days, authorized stays are for a maximum of a 90 day period per visit. If necessary, an extension may be submitted to the Federal Police in Brazil, if requested prior to the expiration of the authorized stay (special requirements apply). Tourist visa holders are allowed to stay in Brazil for a maximum of 180 days over a 12-month period.


Requirements for tourist visa:


Requirements for tourist visa depends on your country of residence. Following, you'll find a non-exhaustive list of documents to present to the Brazilian Consulate. Please check your national Brazilian representation for a complete list:


1. Passport showing a validity of at least six months from the intended date of arrival in Brazil (and copies of all used pages of the passport). The passport must present at least two blank pages. Passports may be withdrawn from the Consulate General during the processing period


2. One Visa Application Form, per applicant, completely filled out online, printed and signed by the holder of the passport. Parents should fill out and sign applications for their own children who are minors


3. Two recent photographs (3x4), in color with a white background, and front view, that are less than six months old


4. Bank statement of the last six months, duly stamped and sealed by the bank;


5. Extract of criminal record (dated less than three months old), translated into Portuguese (for applicants aged 18 years or above)


6. Round-trip air-ticket reservation printout (from the internet or travel agency)


7. Once authorized, the applicant must present the original copy of the round-trip air-ticket (plus a photocopy).


Additional documents may be requested by the Consular Authority.


Brazil Visa

Working visa in Brazil


Terms and Conditions


Foreigners wishing to live and work in Brazil are required to apply for a temporary residence visa. To obtain a temporary visa for employment purposes, the worker needs to secure a job offer from a Brazilian company or government department, or a foreign company based in Brazil, and the company is required to apply to the Immigration Division of the Ministry of Labor on the worker's behalf.

The criteria for approval of an employment visa includes suitable educational qualifications or work experience, a secured employment contract in Brazil, proof of adequate means of subsistence in Brazil, police confirmation that the worker has no criminal record, and a satisfactory medical examination. All official documents must be translated into Portuguese and 'legalized' by the consulate.


The application processing period is normally around 2-3 months. Employment visas are issued for a specific job, and are not transferable between employers in Brazil without permission.




The company willing to employ you must start the procedure. Your file with the following documents must be sent to the Ministry of Work and Employment:


  • application form for work authorization pre-filled by the company

  • application form for work authorization pre-filled by the employee

  • ID

  • copy of all documents proving professional qualification (diplomas and professional documents must be translated by a sworn translator in Brazil)

  • act of nomination by the legal representative

  • a copy of the CNPJ (Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Jurídica)

  • the duration of the period that the company will support the emplyee's medical expenses

  • working contract

  • payment of the GRU tax ($16.93 reals in february 2014)

  • identification of the working place


Once in Brazil, you must ask for your CIE  (Cedula de Identidade de Estrangero) at the Federal Police. You must present

  • your passport

  • original and notorized copies from a cartorio of all used pages of your passport

  • your working visa

  • application form for the visa

  • 2 pictures (3×4) on a white background

  • evidence of payment of taxes for the emission of the CIE ($124.23 reals) and registro de estrangeiro ($64.58 reals).


THEN ! You can finally retrieve your working card in one of the Superintendencias Regionais do Trabalho e Emprego with:


  • your CIE protocol

  • your “extrato de dados de identificação” emitted by the SINCRE (Sistema Nacional de Cadastramento de Registro de Estrangeiro)

  • publication of your working authorization in the Official Journal (Diario Oficial da União)

Students in Library

Student visa in Brazil


How to get a student visa?


You have two options in order to be eligible for a student visa:


  • study in a Brazilian university

  • attend Portuguese classes for 15 hours a week for a minimum of 6 weeks


It is important to know that if you want to do an internship in Brazil, you must be enrolled in a Brazilian university unless your internship is less than 120 days.


Student visas for Portuguese classes don't allow you to do an internship.






How to be a student in Brazil ?


There are two ways to become a student in Brazil:


  • participating in an exchange program. You must inquire with your respective home university about partnerships with a Brazilian university.

  • enrolling in a Brazilian university


Once you have done this step you must organize the necessary documents to apply for your visa. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the documents you may need to present:


  • Curriculum in Portuguese

  • Presentation letter in Portuguese

  • Copy of your passport

  • Schorlarship history

  • Certificate of attendance in school

  • Acceptance letter from your university in Brazil

  • Application form

  • Proof of medical insurance

  • Proof of knowledge of Portuguese

  • Study plan

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Investor visa in Brazil


Resident investor status is granted to foreign nationals who invest a minimum of R$150,000 in a new or existing Brazilian corporation assuming the investor has no criminal record. Investment funds must be submitted through the Central Bank of Brazil.


Investor visas are issued for an initial 3 year period, after which are renewable upon approval of satisfactory accomplishment of the corporation's social contract, on confirmation that the corporation has created a job or jobs for Brazilian nationals, and on confirmation that the corporation has paid taxes. After renewal, investor visas become permanent, and remain in force as long as the corporation is in operation and the investor maintains his or her investment in the corporation above R$150,000.


Resident investors can apply for Brazilian citizenship after 4 years if they can read and write Portuguese. Prior to this they have the majority of the rights of citizens, except for voting rights, gun ownership rights, the ability to own large farms or beachfront property, and various other minor rights. If a foreign national with a permanent residency visa applies for citizenship it will not be approved before residing in Brazil for at least 5 years, and if the foreign national cannot speak Portuguese they cannot become a citizen for at least 15 years. More information can be obtained by contacting your local Brazilian Consulate or at