Here is everything you need to know about living in Brazil! Where will you set up your new home? Where can you find an English speaking doctor? Speak Portuguese Brazil will give you all the info you need... and more!

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Arriving in a new country is not always a pleasant experience: new country, new language and new home! To make sure you feel at home in Brazil, here are our suggestions to help find the right place for you.

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Cars & Transportation


Our best tips to get around São Paulo by car or by public transportation and on how to get your driver's license.

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This section features information about how to find a pharmacy, fill your perscriptions, locate an English speaking doctor, find a hospital and update your vaccines.

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Money, bank and finances


It is important to get your money matters sorted out as soon as possible: know when to move cash and where to keep it – particularly if you’re changing currencies. Here’s how to do the research on setting up a bank account before (or when) you arrive. It's important to find out if that's the case before it's too late!