Photo of Lucie Bresjova

Lucie Bresjova about Portuguese in Immersion Course and the Online Platform courses:

The circumstances made me come to live in Brazil without speaking Portuguese, except for obrigada, cerveja and abacaxi. To be able to cope in day-to-day life and to find a job as soon as possible, I needed a quick and efficient way to learn the language. I participated in the intensive Portuguese course organised by IFESP and after that I 

carried on practising and deepening my knowledge on their platform Portuguese Online. Shortly, I was able to buy far more than a beer and a pineapple! It took me only three months to reach the level Intermediate 2. The teachers are excellent, the printed materials really clear and the rhythm of classes dynamic. The online exercises proved very useful in verifying what I learnt during the lessons. Also, IFESP helped me with administrative tasks and with widening my professional network. I recommend!

Guillaume Rozoy after taking the Portuguese in Immersion course VIP package:

“After my five week course in July and the professional coaching I obtained many job interviews, some more interesting than others but the constraints for a job are always the same:

  • Portuguese

  • Knowledge of the job market

  • Visa

All these constrains get resolved over time, and I recently started working in a Consulting company as I did before coming to Brazil 

Speak Portuguese Brazil´s network has been a huge help to find a job and I want to deeply thank the whole team for the help and advices they provided me with."