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In Brazil, investing in real estate has historically been considered a reliable option for those looking for relatively low-risk investments.


Real estate can be purchased for use by the owner, to provide a monthly income through rent, or to obtain profits after resale.


Whatever the intention may be, historically the most profitable way to purchase real estate has been during the planning or building stages, with increases in value generally up to 50 percent after construction is finished.


People entitled to buy property in Brazil


All foreigners have the possibility to purchase real estate in Brazil. There are no restrictions to these investments, both in terms of amounts invested or in the number of real estate units held. There are restrictions regarding real estate located in rural areas or on borders with other countries. In order to buy real estate in a rural area, the purchaser will need to be a resident of Brazil. Foreigners may not purchase land on the seashore or within 150km of international borders without special governmental authorization.


Regardless of the amount of money invested, buying real estate in Brazil does not allow you to apply for an investor visa.