Young man sitting in front of Brazilian street art

How about learning Portuguese with intensive courses?


Expatriate to Brazil? YES! But only if you speak Portuguese!

If you are planning to move to Brazil, learning Portuguese is essential, whether you are going to work or study.


Speak Portuguese Brazil offers Portuguese lessons in partership with IFESP, Language Institute of French and Portuguese .


No more excuses! In the end of the program you will receive a Portuguese certificate that could help you get your Brazilian visa.


Portuguese in immersion is the only program able to teach and train you in Brazilian Portuguese in just five weeks thanks to intensive classes.

Course Organization

Classes take place from Monday to Friday from 9am to noon during five weeks. Each week a new level is reached.











Basic 1

Basic 2


Intermediate 1

Intermediate 2

Monday - Friday

Monday - Friday

Monday - Friday

Monday - Friday

Monday - Friday

9h - 12h

9h - 12h

9h - 12h

9h - 12h

9h - 12h

15 h

15 h

15 h

15 h

15 h

Course benefits

Portuguese classes in immersion offer many benefits to its students:

- Personalized follow-up for each student

- Full formation in Portuguese level intermediate 2 (B2 CECR)

- Orientation and tips for expatriation to Brazil

Course Advantages

- Cultural and grammatical reinforcement workshops ( on Tuesdays and Thursdays 1pm –  free of charge)

- Many discounts with our partners (restaurants, movies, museums…)

- CLUBE DE BENEFÍCIOS: Networking events with Brazilians and the foreign community in Brazil


Our classes are open to any student coming from any horizon, without restrictions concerning their formation or their language level, and whether they want to move, find a job, or just travel to Brazil.

Course Objectives

Our Classes in Brazilian Portuguese aim to qualify all kinds of expatriates moving to Brazil. Immersions classes will give you all necessary tools to communicate in Portuguese.

You will be able to interact in any given situation of daily life and will have the linguistic tools for intermediate Portuguese speaking and writing.

Intensive immersion, conversation workshops, grammar and written expression corrections… whatever your objective is, we´ve got the solution!


Our teachers are native Brazilians, highly qualified and formed by IFESP to teach Brazilian Portuguese to Foreigners.



We provide quality teaching methods made of theory courses and practical exercises:

- Content and methodology adapted for immersion learning

 - Practical information about Brazil is given to students during each course

- Initiation to Brazilian culture, which is mandatory for better integration

Certification and Evaluation

Your progress will be evaluated daily thanks to tests and simulations.

At the end of the program, you will receive a course certificate* specifying your level and class attendance. You will be evaluated on written tests, oral comprehension and class participation.

To obtain your certificate you must assist to at least 75% of class hours.

*this certificate does not provide a diploma recognized by the state. The CELPE-BRAS is the only Portuguese exam recognized in Brazil.