People speaking Portuguese in a professional meeting
Master Portuguese like a Brazilian!

Advanced Portuguese Conversation is a special course to increase you linguistic skills and go beyond your difficulties. It is an advanced conversation course that guarantees you a perfect Portuguese!


  • Learn and Master Portuguese difficulties

  • Be more at ease when speaking orally

  • Achieve C1 Level (CECR) in no time







This module of advanced conversation (C1 objective) is made of useful and practical exercises to gain in fluidity while speaking and achieve the C1 Level.

This program is a special 15h individual course to enhance your Portuguese skills. The time and date of the lessons can be defined according to the teacher´s and the student´s availability (and room vacancies).


The advanced Portuguese conversation course offers many benefits to its students:

- Personalized follow-up for each student

- Simulations of professional conversations

- Telephone calls, meetings, interviews…

- Once you´re in the Speak Portuguese Brazil Network, you´re in it forever!


Grammatical reinforcement workshops (Tuesdays and Thursdays- 14h-15h- free of charge)

- Many discounts with our partners (restaurants, movies, museums …) – CLUBE DE BENEFICIOS

- Networking events with Brazilians and the foreign community in Brazil

- Invitations to the monthly “CCFB Entrepreneur Committee” conference

- Students are put in contact  with our business partners for job opportunities (if we are currently recruiting for our partners)

- You can come take this course with a tourist VISA


Our courses are open to any student, expatriate or their households, coming from any horizon, without restrictions concerning their formation and their language level, willing to enhance their knowledge in Portuguese and reach the bilingual level.


Our Portuguese courses aim to help all kinds of expatriates in Brazil to speak Portuguese. Advanced conversation courses will give you the necessary tools to communicate in a work environment in Portuguese.

You will be able to interact in daily life and will acquire the capacities of an advanced student in Portuguese (C1-CECR).


Our courses are given by native Brazilians, qualified by IFESP to teach Portuguese to foreigners.



We provide quality teaching methods made of theory courses and practical exercises.

We give useful information about Brazil during every lesson.



Your progress will be evaluated daily thanks to tests and simulations.

At the end of the program, you will receive a course certificate* specifying your level and class attendance. You will be evaluated on written tests, oral comprehension and class participation.

To obtain your certificate you must assist to at least 75% of class hours.

*this certificate does not provide a diploma recognized by the state. The CELPE-BRAS is the only Portuguese exam recognized in Brazil.

S is the only Portuguese exam recognized in Brazil.