Be ready for your arrival in Brazil and be prepared to overcome all difficulties in moving to Brazil thanks to our workshop!


CPF, Federal Police, VISA… so many questions and difficulties you will face upon your arrival in Brazil. Thanks to our workshop, all this obstacles to a peaceful move to Brazil will become a simple formality!

- Get help for your installation in Brazil

- Understand Brazilian administration

- Do this workshop live or online


In the same style as a personal interview, you will have the possibility to ask all type of questions concerning your arrival in Brazil and receive personalized answers.

Lasting half an hour, the time and date of this workshop can be defined according to your agenda, the teacher´s and room vacancies or can also be done by Skype.


The “Move to Brazil” program offers many benefits to its students:

- Personalized follow-up and orientation for each student

- Orientation and tips for expatriation to Brazil

- Once you´re in the Speak Portuguese Brazil network, you´re in it forever!


Our workshops and courses are open to any student, expatriate or their households, coming from any horizon, without restrictions concerning their formation and their language level, willing to move to Brazil.



Our professional workshops aim to prepare foreigners to come and move to Brazil and get used to cultural differences.

Our workshops will help you to prepare and will give you all the tools to successfully move to Brazil.



Our workshops are led by Franco-Brazilian coaches; they know everything you need concerning your arrival in Brazil.