Intensive Linkedin training in Brazil

Linkedin is the first professional social network in Brazil. Present all over the world, Linkedin has imposed itself as the reference in connecting professionals worldwide. With over 11 million subscribers, Brazil is the third largest network in the world behind India and the US.


Which means, you CANNOT ignore this precious tool.


Optimize your profile and enlarge your Brazilian network with Linkedin


Linkedin workshop is intended for beginners who are willing to learn quickly. The workshop provides a complete profile formation for professionals looking for contacts and job opportunities in Brazil.


Creating a new network can take a while and even more so if you are arriving in Brazil without reference points nor social circles. It is nontheless an important step in Brazil where interpersonal relationships are very important.


But for every problem, there is a solution: from now on, start nurturing a highly qualified professional network in Brazil. How? Start learning all of Linkedin's tricks, the best online tool to highlight your skills and enlarge your professional network in Brazil.



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