Most major urban centres have at least one private hospital and in popular tourist areas there are generally more.


Foreigners in Brazil will find that English-speaking general practitioners, dentists and opticians are not always readily available. If it is an emergency and an English-speaker is not available, it is suggested to call an international hospital.


List of English speaking physicians in São Paulo


In case of emergency, there about 110 000 physicians in São Paulo. The US embassy provides a list of English-speaking doctors you can visit if you don't speak Portuguese.


Various physicians and other specialists practice at the hospital or at their home. Take into account that a consultation costs between R$200 and R$600 depending on their speciality and the region you are consulting.



Hospitals and medical laboratories in São Paulo


Around 40 hospitals are available in São Paulo in case of emergency (pronto socorro). Most Brazilian government hospitals (public hospitals) are overcrowded and you will end up waiting a long time before seeing a doctor. However, the Hospital das Clínicas or the Hospital Universitário are well-known.


In terms of private hospitals, know that the Albert Einstein Hospital in Morumbi has been elected the best hospital in São Paulo. The other option in the city center is the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital near avenida Paulista. Be careful, sometimes the emergency room is not located in the same place as the main building of the hospital.


For medical laboratories, ask for laboratório de análises clínicas. Among the best in São Paulo are : Medicina Diagnóstica Lavoisier, Delboni Auriemo Medicina Diagnóstica and also the laboratório Fleury medicina e saúde.

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