Once you have arrived in Brazil, it is not always easy to find the best school for your children's education.

Following, you will find all the information to help you with your choice.


Which is the best school for my child in São Paulo?


In Brazil, there is a large gap between public and private schools. The first thing you should know is that most public schools operate on a half-day basis. In other words, children go to school either in the morning or in the afternoon, from pre-school until high school. However, most private schools provide full-day schedules (tempo integral), so at least 6 hours a day.


Most expatriates choose to enroll their children in private schools but it is important to know that these schools are rather expensive. School fees are usually around $1,000 - $3, 000 reais monthly depending on the establishment you choose. Also, these fees usually don't include extra costs such as lunches, transportation, uniforms etc.



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How does Brazilian education system works?


The Brazilian education system is divided in three parts:


Educação infantil, pre-school :


Pre-school is not mandatory in Brazil but it is available for children from 3 to 6 years old. Before the age of 3, you can leave your child at daycare or hire a nanny (baba in portuguese).


Ensino fundamental, primary and junior high school :


For children aged 7 to 14, school is mandatory. Ensino Fundamental is divided into two cycles, primary school (grades 1-4) and junior high school (grades 5-9).


Ensino médio, high school :


Children study in the ensino médio between the ages of 15 and 17 years old.

FYI in private schools, students can repeat a year and it only depends on your wallet...


Private and International Schools in São Paulo


São Paulo has many excellent private and international schools. The following lists several of the best ones but there are many more.


The British College of Brazil

Ages: 2 to 18

Gender: Coeducational

Curriculum: English National Curriculum


Chapel School

Ages: 3 to 18

Gender: Coeducational

Curriculum: American, Brazilian and/or IB


Escola Americana de Campinas (American School of Campinas)

Ages: 2 to 18

Gender: Coeducational

Curriculum: American, Brazilian and IB


Graded - The American School of São Paulo 

Ages: 3 to 18

Gender:  Coeducational

Curriculum: Montessori (pre-primary), American (grades 1 to 12); the Brazilian and IB curricula are also offered. 


Le Liceu Pasteur (Lycée Français)

Ages: 3 to 18

Gender: Coeducational

Curriculum: French and Brazilian


Pan American Christian Academy (PACA)

Ages: 3 to 18

Gender: Coeducational

Curriculum: American and Brazilian


St Nicholas

Ages: 1.5 to 18

Gender: Coeducational

Curriculum: IGCSE, IB and Brazilian


St Pauls

Ages: 3 to 18

Gender: Coeducational

Curriculum: A combination of the Brazilian Core Curriculum, the National Curriculum of England and the IB Diploma Programme