If you have a prescription or need some medication, São Paulo has many drugstores all around the city, most of them open 24/7.


Drugstores in São Paulo: with or without prescription


Drugstores can be found pretty much everywhere in São Paulo. If you have a presecription for medication, make sure your doctor specifies the name of the medication needed on your prescription.


All kinds of medication are available, whether you have a prescription or not. Be careful, Brazilians tend to use dipirona sódica to treat headaches and other pain but this product has been banned for many years in the US and most European countries.


Drugstores in Brazil for all types of cosmetic products


Drugstores are also the best place to buy cosmetics, lotions and beauty products.


Is is very common to see sales on basic products such as aspirin, acetominophen or ibuprofen. Pay attention because generic medication is not always the cheapest and pharmacist tend to try and sell you the most expensive one.


Many drugstores exist in Brazil, among them Drogasil, Pague Menos or Onofre.



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