The online training center for the expat and business community in Brazil.



Whether you are an expat, an entrepreneur, a businessman, a student or just looking for a new adventure, Speak Portuguese Brazil will guide you in every step to moving to Brazil.


Launched in 2015, Speak Portuguese Brazil is a spin-off from My Little Brasil, the media of reference 100% online for the France-Brazil expat and business community.






For a company to be successful, people must be at the center of the business. Therefore we created a performant customer oriented team.


Jordane Boche

Educational Director


Guilherme Calvacante

Portuguese Teacher

Gabriel Ruchti

Portuguese Teacher


Alexandrine Brami


Certified PCM® Coach

Pauline Charoki


Educational Coach

Marie Doremus

Certified PCM® Trainer


Lloyd Jong

Expat Adviser

Cinthia Soprani

Head of Sales

Erika Chujo

Administrative Assistant


Our distribution of original information comes directly from Brazil: news, exclusive interviews, chronicles, tribunes, sector analysis, expert advice, contacts, workshops and invitations to networking events. In the heart of the digital ecosystem of Brazil, we therefore dedicate an entire section to the numeric economy of Brazil.


We offer more than just news:


  • A flow of practical and business information live from Brazil;

  • Training, workshops and coaching to become “adjusted” to Brazil;

  • Infomercials to make your products and services known in Brazil;

  • Invitations to networking events to allow you to accelerate your insertion or implementation into Brazilian society


What does Speak Portuguese Brazil do?


  • Keep you informed in real time of news and trends in Brazil;

  • Prepares you for a first trip or immersion in Brazil;

  • Learn who makes it rain and who makes it shine in the multinationals, SME and startups in Brazil;

  • Provide exposure to your competencies, products or services;

  • Discover that we had the same problems and that maybe we can start to mutualize our solutions!

Some practical resources

JOBS: send us your resume to distribute it among our professional and personal networks


EVENTS AGENDA: announce expert meetings, thematic conferences and dinners, generate debate etc.


FRANCE BRASIL ALUMNI: our active group on Linkedin, the first professional Francophone in Brazil network


PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE TEST ONLINE: fast and precise, you receive your results by email.


PORTUGUESE 100% ONLINE: a unique platform to learn Brazilian Portuguese 100% online, immediately accessible


PORTUGUESE IMMERSION: in São Paulo: customized programs, intensive, immersion, business and job oriented.



Our commitment


We are independent and receive no subsidies. We choose with complete freedom our sources, our subjects, our sponsors and our partners.

To survive and to continue to bring you the best of Brazil in real time, we offer infomercials, advertisements and announcements that value products, services, promotional offers, skill, and expertise.


Again, we reserve the right to refuse any partner if they are not recommendable or if their product or service isn’t the best. Thus, we guarantee that all announcements and recommendations are very good. We are usually among the first clients.

You wish to provide visibility to your enterprise, your expertise, your products and services?





In the heart of São Paulo:


Our headquarters are located in the heart of the business district of São Paulo, on the Faria Lima Avenue, which is easily accessible by transports from anywhere in the city.

Thanks to our location we can quickly get in touch and meet our business partners in order to work hand by hand with them.

Moreover business women and men can easily come to our school for coachings and portuguese courses anytime during the day.



A startup studio:


Come and visit us and you will discover the atmosphere of a startup studio with motivated and dynamic people.


Speak Portuguese Brazil belongs to Digital Factory Brazil and therefore share its offices with the 8 other startups. The offices are 220 square meters big with 2 classrooms (for Portuguese courses, coachings and meetings), one library and 2 office rooms where our teams dedicate their time and effort to provide you with the best services possible.

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